About The Author

Just another millennial sharing her ideas on the internet, in case any one out there cares.  My passions are minimalism, organizing, tiny homes, Rodan + Fields, making the most of and enjoying every moment, living waste free as much as possible, not getting cancer, and the beach.  I am always striving for better, yet continually choose to look on the bright side! I am the ULTIMATE lazy girl when it comes to beauty/fashion and am always looking for any hacks to cut down on prep time yet still look somewhat "put-together".  I love trying new products that will make my life just a little easier or better.  Always on the look out for a way to save money and cut down on expenses, unless of course I decided for some reason it's "Treat yo self" time!  I shamelessly buy clothes at Walmart regularly, but also am a big believer in supporting small businesses and friends!  I also definitely believe that online shopping is the future because of the ease and convenience, but also because it means I don't have to put on pants and a bra.  I am a totally normal person, just like you, that puts her pants on .... both legs at the same time while still laying in bed so I can squeeze in a tight two extra minuets of sleep.   

If you had to ask my friends to describe me in one word, it would probably be: "The-sarcasm-is-strong-with-this-one."  I love my husband and my kitty, but not in an insane matching shirt kind of way... for either of them. Except maybe one of those "I'm with stupid" shirts...